致上外外国专家的一封信 A Letter for SISU International Faculty

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A Letter for SISU International Faculty 

Dear colleagues:

As you may be well aware, the coronavirus epidemic originating from Wuhan is running rampant, and the Chinese Government has been doing its best to keep it under control. Given the fast development, we would strongly recommend that you stay where you are and avoid travelling, especially to Wuhan and the surrounding areas until the situation stabilizes and the warning is lifted. If you have to move around for whatever reason, be sure to wear a mask and take all necessary protective measures as appropriate. Should you come across epidemic controlling staff, please cooperate and follow their instructions. If you find yourself unwell with cold symptoms like fever, cough, running nose or breathing difficulty, please seek medical advice immediately and report it to your school dean and our office.

SISU has issued a notice that the winter vacation for students has been extended until after Feb. 20 (exact start date of the new semester to be confirmed), but the teachers and staff are expected to come to work as originally planned on Feb. 17 unless otherwise informed. Now every SISU student and teacher is required to report on a daily basis where they are and how is their health. Please be aware that your school will contact you in due course.

The university will continue to closely monitor the situation, and we encourage you to keep close contact with your school and our office in case of more updates.

Take care,

Office of International Cooperation and Exchange

Shanghai International Studies University


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